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“You do not have to be an expert to tell the difference”- The words of a Chef
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Hand-cut capa negra acorn-fed iberian products

Madrid, October 2013.– The brand of Iberian products Capa Negra adds to its portfolios with hand-cut acorn-fed Iberian sliced products in 80 g servings. A wide range of high quality products: acorn-fed Iberian ham, shoulder and sausages (pork loin, acorn-fed shoulder loin, pork loin chorizo, morcón and salchichón). They are all prepared with the best cuts of acorn-fed Iberian pork, cased in natural casings and seasoned with selected spices following the tradition of the master sausagemakers of Jabugo.

The name of the brand refers to the dark skin of the Capa Negra Iberian pig. The tone of its skin, its black cape, is an unmistakable symbol of the Iberian breed; Similarly unmistakable is the flavour of its products, fruit of the tradition and climate of Jabugo, a reward for being able to wait.

Martin Berasategui, one of the great chefs in the world and who endorses the brand, recognises in Capa Negra an exceptional Iberian product, “the quality of these products contains infinite surprises and sensations”. Words of the Chef

The presentation packs of hand-cut Capa Negra acorn-fed Iberian products can be found in the best specialist food stores and gourmet shops, in convenient and attractive packaging, ready for consumption.



  • · Hand-cut Reserva Mb acorn-fed Iberian ham: €11
  • · Hand-cut Reserva Mb acorn-fed Iberian shoulder: €7
  • · Hand-cut acorn-fed Iberian pork loin: €6,5
  • · Hand-cut acorn-fed Iberian morcón: €3,6
  • · Hand-cut acorn-fed Iberian pork loin chorizo: €3
  • · Hand-cut acorn-fed Iberian natural-cased chorizo: €2,5
  • · Hand-cut acorn-fed Iberian salchichón: €3



Consorcio de Jabugo, manufacturer of the Iberian product brands 10 Vetas de Jabugo and Capa Negra, is a company located in Jabugo, in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park, specialising in 100% Iberian products for more than 25 years. Acknowledged as the first company from Andalusia authorised to export to Japan and the first Spanish company to market 100% Iberian products in Mexico, exports 35% of its products and is present in more than 30 countries, in addition to Spain. In 2010 it was recognised by the Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian Regional Government) as the “best food and agriculture SME in Andalusia”.

“You do not have to be an expert to tell the difference”- The words of a Chef


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Marques de Aracena nº 4, 21360, Jabugo, Huelva, (Spain)

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Fax (+34) 955 02 46 95

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